Bahá'í Principles

Baha'i Principles Include

  • Humanity is one. People of all races, nations, economic groups and religious backgrounds are equal in the sight of God.
  • The Bahá'í Faith does not have clergy or priests. They instead believe that the time for independent investigation of religious and spiritual truths has now arrived.
  • Bahá'ís do not preach or try to convert others.
  • All religions share a common foundation.
  • Each individual is responsible for investigating truth independently.
  • Universal education to ensure that every child is entitled to a sound, basic education is fundamental.
  • Full equality between women and men in all departments of life and at every level of society.
  • Harmony between science and religion as two complementary systems of knowledge that must work together to advance the well-being and progress of humanity. Science without religion is materialism - religion without science is superstition.
  • The elimination of all forms of prejudice.
  • Recognition of the common origin and fundamental unity of purpose of all religions.
  • Spiritual solutions to economic problems and the removal of economic barriers and restrictions.
  • The abolition of extremes of wealth and poverty.
  • The adoption of a world auxiliary language, a world script, a uniform and universal system of currency and of weights and measures.
  • To establish a universal peace protected by a world commonwealth of nations.

Baha'is Believe

  • All humanity was created by one God and is part of one human race.
  • The purpose of life is to know and worship God, to acquire virtues, to promote the oneness of mankind, and to carry forward an ever-advancing civilization.
  • Work performed in the spirit of service is a form of worship.
  • The soul, created at the moment of conception, is destined by God to reach the afterlife where it will continue to progress until it attains the presence of God.

Baha'is Practice

  • Independent investigation of Truth.
  • High moral principles, including trustworthiness and honesty.
  • Daily prayer and communion with God.
  • A life dedicated to the service of humanity.
  • Fellowship with the followers of all religions.