Welcome to the Solihull Community

Bahá'ís in Solihull are inspired by the vision set out in the Bahá'í Holy Writings that humanity is one. We believe that education empowers and builds the spiritual and intellectual capacities in adults, young people and children to enable them to become conscious subjects of their own growth and active participants in the betterment of our communities. This is central to the process of building communities with spiritual, intellectual and practical foundations.  We are engaged in community building in our neighbourhoods and have regular meetings, events and activities open to everyone from any background, culture or religion.

We look for and foster what connects us rather than divides us. In urban centres and rural villages, in homes, schools, businesses, and community centres across the globe, Bahá'ís hailing from every walk of life are engaged in promoting at the grassroots the wellbeing of the entire human race. Through a series of social action activities involving children, junior youth, youth and adults, these citizens of the world are rallying their friends and neighbours, their families and co-workers to participate in the collective transformation of society and the betterment of our community.